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Education corridor was started on 2008. Collectively we have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Each one of us endured a lot of hardship in the recent years when we were looking for more information about the arts, science and engineering colleges that have mushroomed across India. This quest for the same kind of information united us again and drove the urge to start the Education Corridor.

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Education Corridor
No. 7, 1st Floor, Lakshmiammal Street,
Ayyavu Colony, Aminjikarai,
Chennai - 600 029. (Opp. Indian Bank, Arumbakkam Branch)
Ph: 044-421 86 859 / 9381028288

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The vision

The Vision


Education corridor is to help students achieve their educational goals. We strive to achieve this by helping the students, their parents and educate to better manage the complex and competitive college admission process. Educate parents to focus their time and energy towards shaping their children's future through better, affordable and useful education.


Why Education corridor?

Why Education corridor?


                                          With the privatization of the college education, there has been mushroom growth in the colleges. Students and parents don’t have all the information about the new colleges to make the decision. Most colleges in India don’t send any prospectus to the students/parents. They rely on hearsay for information. Education corridor will fill this void as it will have comprehensive information about all the colleges. Currently students lack the information about the job market, career choices, courses and institutions that will prepare them for the job market, institutions in other parts of India and the admission procedures. Education corridor will feed all the needed information to the students and parents.

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